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Protecting Your Wholesale Food Business from Farm to Table

With 40 years of industry experience, Marketplace Insurance serves the entire chain of food suppliers in the Northeast with the highest quality service and coverage, and the most competitive premiums available. From the farmer, to the processor, to the distributor, and finally the consumer, Marketplace Insurance understands the unique needs of the farm and wholesale food industry and will work tirelessly to protect your business from loss.

We are proud members of the Vermont Specialty Foods Association (VSFA) and the Vermont Grocers Association. Our team of independent agents, led by Tom Heins, is Master Farm and Food certified, and routinely writes coverage for farms, processors and wholesalers not only in Vermont, but throughout northern New England, Massachusetts, and New York.

Spoilage Insurance, Distribution Insurance, and More

We understand the numerous and unique risks facing wholesale food distributors, and are equipped to provide businesses of all sizes with complete protection at competitive premiums. Our Farm to Plate program offers our clients the protection they need to focus on daily operations. Our coverage includes farm product, processing and packaging, fleet distribution, product recall, contamination, spoilage, cargo, livestock transportation, and more.

After working with our clients to identify needs and exposures, we turn to trusted carriers such as Nationwide Agribusiness to provide our clients with competitive rates and superior risk management.

Experienced Agents Insuring Every Facet of Your Business

At Marketplace Insurance, relationships matter. While we are proud to insure businesses throughout the northeast, we believe strongly that a professional, local touch is necessary when communicating insurance and risk management needs. Taking the time to get to know you and your business is important. Whether a dairy farmer in rural Vermont, a distributor in New Hampshire, or a food processor in Massachusetts, you can count on us for the coverage, claims and loss control expertise that your business deserves.

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